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Full Version: Safari WILD Kingdom Video Tutorial **NARRATION added:o)
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Wow. Finally!! Please excuse the complete novice movie maker that I am.

Now there are two. One with music and one with my stupid narration :o)

Let's see if it works
Wow, wow, wow!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much!!! Smile Smile
Absolutely beautiful!
YOU ROCK WOMAN!!!! Loved the vid. I could see every little detail! Thanks....I'll be grabin' models tomorrow at work!

H.B. :lol: 8)
Thanks ladies.

Hey HB,
i wanna see some pics. Big Grin
that is awesome!!! thanks so much for taking the time to record and post this tut! Big Grin love it!!!
YOU freaking ROCK! I just got off work a little while ago...just long enough to watch your tut. I work from home and as soon as I finish going through the threads here I am going back out to my shop to try and make something that might resemble what you just showed us....LOL Thank you so much for doing the tutorial!
p.s. forgot to ask where did you get the little brush that you used to do the black squilglys and what kind is it?
Thanks again!
Wow awesome job Cindy! Is that the latvia brush?
OMG Cindy! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this tut! Forget Christmas nails . . . my next set will be these this weekend! You are awesome girl!
Loved it! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us all!

Much appreciated.

By the looks of it your left handed and you were using your left hand with the e-file, currious if you run it in forward or reverse. Sorry I notice weird things. Anyway good job can't wait to try.
very good job on the video. I think next time we would rather hear ur voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what an addition to the YN team. Can't thank u enough for that awesome tut.
WOW great tutorial thank you soooo much
I'd love to know what colours did you use for the "dots" and the base of nail (pink)

Thank you
Thanks Everyone.

Leslie and Lauren, the little brush is the YN Imagination Art Brush. Love it.

G, :oops: I made a video with voice over narration. Just hate how stupid I sound. I will post that one too so you can hear the narration. And thnks for the complie]ment. It's great to be a part of such an awesome team!

lilladyred, I am left handed. And I use my e-file in forward and reverse. In forward to take down length nd reverse for carving and shaping. I learned to do everything backwards, cause I did not know that I should be using my e-file in reverse until Greg told me 5 years ago. So much easier now and makes sense huh?

Adriani, The bed is Young Nails Core clear. And the dots are a blend of orange brown, soft gold (earthtone kit) and blue from the rainbow kit. Mix, mix, mix, mix, shake, shake, shake, and mix some more so the blue gets mixed in well.

I will post the one with my narration explaning. I took so long to post the one, I got tired and went to bed.
Thanks for sharing your talent. What a beautiful job you did!
Cindy that is awesome, thank you for posting that tutorial, I watched both lol with narration and without. I can see how it would be awkward to hear yourself, but the instructions are fun and helpful! although I am sad you don't have a fun accent to giggle at like Gina does jkjk! :lol: :lol:
oh bummer. But I guess I do have an accent. At least here in the south they say I do. lol. Glad you enjoyed. You can still laugh at me. Im such a DORK!
:?: why is the video in like negative or something? its all blue?
oh thank you sooo much! You did a great job wth the voice over narration and I was able to follow along with your directions very well. I dont have all of the colors you used, but i am going to try to make it work!

Quote:Nail Beauty :?: why is the video in like negative or something? its all blue?

You're not watching long enough. That's just the intro then it goes into a regular video.
Thanks Michele. That is just the intro.
What a great vid! It seems so easy now! I can't wait to try it. I just did my nails today but i might have to redo them now!!!!!!
cool, that was fast. I will have to watch again but i will do it on my daughter's comp!
awesome job. I thought u sounded great. much better than hearing music! very informative.
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