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Full Version: Safari WILD Kingdom Video Tutorial **NARRATION added:o)
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Thanks again ladies. G why is it that we are so critical of our own voice? Silly isn't it. But it does just make me cringe.
Awesome Cindy! Thanks for posting the link.
Cindy, I sound like a kid. I hate to hear my voice on answering machine and things like that. That's why I won't video tape stuff! I sound wayyyyy country and like a child!
awesome Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
your narration was great - great video
Nail Beauty :
> :?: why is the video in like negative or something? its all blue?

I'm glad to see, it was just me.....
So ladies if you are just patient a few more seconds you will see the video start. The negative is just the intro. I thought it was a cool effect. But was just while i was doing the intro.

Patience Patience.......

I actually watched it into the application of the product on the tip, is that the intro?
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