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Full Version: what is your favorite UV light
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Hi there I am looking to buy a UV 36 watts light I had a PNI but it did not last very long about 7 months. Can you guys tell me what is your favorite uv 36 watts light and how long you have been using it for, I only use my light for gel polish looking forward the feed back.
I suggest that you check out Light Elegance Easy Cure Light, You will get a quality cure with any UV gel, while saving time because you can cure the entire hand at once. One reason it works so great is that the lamps are closer to the nails, insuring a complete cure and it's less expensive to maintain because there are 3 UV lamps instead of 4. Check it out here:
Smile I agree with Darcy!
I purchased 2 Light Elegance lights, last November.. I absolutley love them.. With my other lights I was having all sorts of problems, such as dull nails, lights flickering etc.
I have not had one dull nail since using LE lights.. Also .. you have to be careful when purchasing other lights, because some of them have been outsourced and they come from China, so the bulbs don't fit well in the ballasts.

Also the Customer service at Light Elegance is fantastic!!
I've been using the same 2 PNI lamps for years, one on each side of my table. I've never had any problems with either one.
Another enthusiastic vote for Light Elegance . . .
I would get another CND light in a min!
Here Here for Light Elegance!
well i must try light elegance thx
I had had a Star Nail uv lamp for over 315 years with no issues..and now the are coming out with a UV/LED Lamp in a couple of weeks and the price point is about $185.00!
I had 2 of cnd's original lights that they discontinued, one finally bit the dust & I bought the light elegance lamp, I love it & I'm thinking about replacing my other cnd lamp with the le oneSmile I also have light elegance's little mini lamp that I won in a rockstar toe kit with just 1 bulb & it is as awesome as their 'bigger' lamp!
Another vote for Light Elegance!!!!!!
Light Elegance and the newer CND lamp. I love the time settings on the CND lamp.