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Full Version: Spaqueen in SC
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Hey everyone, I'm Moe and am a licensed massage therapist in Columbia, SC. I worked in the Cosmetology field as a Finanical Aid planner for 2 years and got tired of busting my tail trying to make sure that the students were making their hours so that their financial aid could be requested. It did inspire me to get off my butt and finally go to school for massage I had wanted to since I was in my early 20's. I have been licensed for 2 years now and working in a SPA. However, my ultimate goal is to own my OWN spa and therefore I have decided to attend nail school...and then within the next 2-3 years, esthetics school. I have been working in the Hospitality/Tourism industry for over 8 years and am working with management to develop an on-site spa at my location. I am thankful to find this website/message board. I start classes on Tuesday April 6th and I cannot wait!!!! I've noticed that now I pay attention to EVERYONE'S nails and toes lol