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Full Version: E-file Certification w/ Simmy
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Has anyone taken this course with Simmy? If so, do you think it was worth your money? Or does someone have an E-file course recommendation?
hi there, i took the e-file course with simmy 2 years ago,and it was totally worth it! she is awesome and the things i learnt gave me the confidence to use an e-file without hurting anyoneSmile hth :wink:
well worth your time if you are considering using an e-file.
Well worth the MONEY
Ditto all of the above!

Debbie in VA
does anyone have a website link for Simmy??
thanks Debbie..I JUST missed the Atlanta class held on 7/17!!!! Arrrggghh. I'm surprised that they hold only a few classes...I tried to Google them and nothing came up in the search engine.
I took the e-file certification with Simmy last year at the NE networking event.

She was very informative and gave individual assistance as well. I stayed for the entire class and she gave a demo of using pedi bits, as a bonus, at the very end Smile

Walked away feeling more confident in using my efile! Would even consider taking another class with her as a refresher, now that I've got the basics down.
I took a class with her, It has increased my speed and knowledge. Worth the money
Yes, another Simmy fan here. Sure, you could take another efile class but what I really liked about Simmy was that she is NOT BRAND SPECIFIC! Big Grin!!