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Full Version: NailPreachin'dance teachin'Woman
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I am BLee (BrendaLee) from Philly! I lived in NC for 4 1/2 years but I back up North now, loving the vibrant, busy, artsy, cosmopolitan Northeast. I am a renaissance woman with many interests and passions. My spiritual outlook keeps me energized and excited about life. My children are home-schooled and they love our busy lifestyle. "Positivity" is my calling card. I became passionate about nails in the early 80's while in college of the performing arts. My closest friend "Lady T" was (still is) a cosmetology teacher and had her own nail room. She mentored me and taught me how to do nails with "OPI" and "Mona" acrylics. (remember Mona? LOL!) I went on to cosmetology school after graduating from college so I could be legit. I was licensed more than 20 yrs. ago. I only kept the nails, wigs, weaves and makeup artistry/skincare knowledge up to date. This board has been a blessing. I do not have as much time as when I lived in NC to keep up with it because as I stated earlier, Philly is a super busy city and my other business is leaping everyday with goings on. Hopefully I can do the live chats again & click into the board at least once a week. Meanwhile, I give salutes and shout outs to all the Nailtech's that have survived through the years, smiles to those that are 4-9 yrs in still filin' and smilin'! Last, I send strength and confidence to the newbies that have just begun this path of artistry, creativity and perfection. Hang in there babies! It will get better! Keep the faith!