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Full Version: Phoenix and Scottsdale Gel Tech(s) needed
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Well it is that time of year again when all the snow birds head south for the winter.

Unfortunately they have yet to find a Gel Tech that lives up to their standards, so I thought I would put this out there.

If you have confidence in your skill and want some great clients for the winter, please forward me your contact information.


[email protected]
Hi! My name is Marie Soto and I work in Downtown Glendale, in Arizona. I work mostly mornings and I have room for more clients. You can get ahold of me at 602-696-6460 or email [email protected]
I will pass on your contact information. Looking forward to the feedback from the clients.
Really - only 1 technician on the boards that in this area? I thoght for sure that Eric from Gelousy would have some referalls for me seeing how he operates out of Phoenix. I went to his website and my search produced nothing.