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Full Version: Keeping Records
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How do you all track your sales and all other records for the year?
i keep my books, by hand, had it on the computer once and it crashed with no backup..shame on me.. i total my sales daily in my appt book and transfer it over to my accounting paper. total that montly then quarterly and so on. keep up with all my purchases and bills as well monthly. then give the end numbers to my accountant


I use Quicken. You can get a d/l version. Not very expensive but can do everything you need.
I created a book to keep track of everything. Appointments, income, expenses, etc. I have a few people doing a trial run with it for the year and I hope to market it when it's finalized.
I have an app on my Iphone that I keep my appointments on. It tracks the service income, retail income and tips and then I download it to an excel spreadsheet.

The app is "Nails" by Salon Technologies.
Thanks for the responses Big Grin
Martine, if you'd like to try out my book I'd be glad to send you a copy to start off 2012. You can be one of my testers! Let me still have my email? If not click the link below.
i am using colleens book and i think its a fabulous idea, sorry i meant to say that in the above it is set up to make the transfers of totals very simple. its also set up to keep track of your daily amounts in all aspects..
Thanks Kathie! ~ I'm glad you like it. I look forward to your feedback so I can get it right!
I would love to be a tester. I'll email you my info. Thanks! Smile
oh colleen have i been a pesky sorry..
i took pics of my book where you guys can see it if you would like i can email them to you.. i cant get into my photobucket acct for some reason to get them up on here
email me @ [email protected]
I was also going to mention Colleen's book. I was eager to try it since I'm horrible about keeping records. I ended up quitting work before we moved to Texas but I'll tell you what...that thing was great when I was working. Having something so easy to use was wonderful. It's very self-explanatory and I definitely recommend it. Thanks again, Colleen!
Thanks Michele. Im glad it worked out for you and I hope you get to use it in the future. Are you looking to be working in a new salon?
Colleen can I get one or buy one off you? My email is [email protected] Thanks