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Full Version: Greetings from Snowy Saskatchewan Canada!
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Yes...we are still under snow if you can imagine at the end of April and still below zero! I have been doing gels for about 3 years and love my new career...banking was not near so fun! I am the esthetician and last year opened a salon with a stylist. I love gel nails and do tons of gel toes, pedicures (got my podology certification last year), eyelashes, waxing, and facials. The salon is in a small town of about 800 and I live in the country with my husband of 27 years, daughter Robyn who is 17 and son Riley who is 16 (two daughters married and both expecting for the first week of July so no Vegas trip this year for me ...), 4 dogs, 1 cat, 14 horses, and not sure how many chuckwagon horses that we keep for friends (mmm...37 at last count).

I have browsed this site for a few months and very much appreciate the sharing of information and vast knowledge you all share...I love to learn and hope that I might be able to share in the future! Thanks! Rose