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Full Version: What Should I Look For When Choosing A Nail School
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Hi, I live in a fairly large city, but there are only two private schools that offer a nail tech program, and I do believe my local community college is now offering it as well. I went to cosmetology school years ago, but had to stop due to a family situation, in that program, the main goal was basically preparing us for the state boards. Because it was for hair I only had VERY basic training on nails-sanitation, nail disease and a basic mani & pedi. We had one day where we got to do gels for like an hour, but never on clients. . Is that the case with nail school as well? What should I ask when I tour the school as far as their curriculum? I am assuming I would be learning the core basics and not too much else, that I would have to learn more advanced techniques on my own or at seminars. Also what other questions and things should I look out for? Thanks.