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Full Version: finding a nail tech
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I am a salon owner and I have a very hard time finding good nail tech that are team players. I have gone through 4 already and I find they are lazy and do not want to work. But they want to make money. Everyone in my place is treated like family and the rest of the staff says that the nail techs like to take advantage of me because I am too nice. They say I need to be more of a boss than a friend. I am not a mean person and will never treat anyone the way I would not like to be treated.

Any advise out there.
When you advertise, only advertise for an established nail tech who wants to work. I have been a nail tech for 7 years and I love it I could work all day long. But I know for some reason people think they should just automatically be full. It don't work like that! Have a more extensive interview with them and lay it all out as for what you want in them and let them know you will not tolerate laziness. Hope this helps.
I agree that when you advertise for an established tech you will probably get a much more motivated member of your team! Perhaps instead of interviewing them by yourself you could invite a couple of your senior, trusted team members to assist you in a group interview? Their perspective may help you to see an unworthy candidate before you accept them into your salon.

That said, if you are a booth rent salon, the tech is entitled to make her own schedule, and her income or lack thereof, is not your fault or responsibility.
If you operate on commission though, you have the right to give your tech set hours of business and enforce them.