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Full Version: No Chip - Client Question
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Not sure where to post this. I hope it's ok here

I've been getting regular manicures & pedicures. I just tried a no chip pedicure and I am very happy with how long it has lasted, but a neighbor told me no chips are very hard on your nails. Is that true? This last pedicure has lasted 5 weeks and I am amazed.

Sorry, but your neighbor has no clue what she's talking about. What you got was a soak off gel manicure that your salon (and others) call a no chip manicure/pedicure. It is not unusual for a gel mani to last several weeks.. and absolutely not unusual for a gel pedi to last 5 wks. As long as the technician was licensed, using/following current sanitation rules, and you never once uttered ouch during the procedure, you're obviously in good hands. Don't let anyone convince you that the lamp that cured your no chip gel polish is harmful to your health, that's a bunch of stupid hype started by some very uninformed people. Gel manis or pedis are not hard on your nails if the technician is using proper application and removal procedures (that actually goes back to the no ouching during the appointment ?