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Full Version: Shellac Brown Edges
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Hi there, I haven't been on the Forums in a long time, but I need some help.

I have a long time Shellac wearer (6 years) who often has brownish/blackish stains around the free edge after about 10 days. I've always thought it was from her rubbing her fingertips on her black shirt, but I'm thinking it's not that. She is allergic to metal (not gold) and if she comes in contact with metals, her skin will turn blackish in that spot (like when a poor quality ring leaves tarnish, it's sorta like that). It seems to be UNDER the Shellac, as if it is coming from the nail plate and working up. But there's never really any residue on the Shellac when it comes off, nor on her nails. 

Anyone have any ideas?