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Full Version: Top 3 Benefits of Moisturizer
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Applying your moisturizer correctly boosts hydration in your skin. It helps in preventing flaking and dullness of your skin, and help in creating a protective layer that last all day long. Here are three tips to rightly use your moisturizer:

1. Apply Bottom to top:
Skin experts and plastic surgeons suggest only “Bottom to top” application of moisturizer to avoid skin sagging. Also rub gently in eye areas and other sensitive areas of your face.

2. Must part of Night Skincare Routine:
It is very essential to use a good Rhonda Allison moisturizer at night for healthy skin. By making it part of your nightly routine, you are ensuring your skin does not get dehydrated.

3. Best time
It is generally after you shave, exfoliate or bath. Shaving your skin, not just remove dead skin cells, but also essential oils. Hence, it is important to replenish with a good moisturizer. Moisturizer helps to capture the water and seal it into your pores.