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Full Version: Nail Salon Drainage & Plumbing
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Dear all,
I am looking into an opportunity to open a new nail salon around 1000-1200 sf in Florida (6 pedicure chairs, 6-8 nail tables, one waxing room). Does anyone has an idea how much roughly to build drainage under the floor and on the wall (means I have to build a cabinet to cover the pipes across the back of the pedi chair), plus hot+cold water pipes from the boiler to the chair, restroom and the extra sink for customer?

For building the cabinet to cover the pipe for the pedicure chairs, does this mean I have to install the drain pump for each chair and a discharge pump on the main drainage pipe which connects to the main sewage?

Also, electrical work cost (more socket and support for different input voltage for equipment like pedi chair, towel steamer, washers etc). Ventilation like exhaust fan on the roof too!

Hopefully my question is not too stupid to ask because I don't know where to get this information under the circumstances that I don't have a space confirmed yet and it's hard to ask the construction contractor to quote the price of the work.

If i can obtain some direction from here will be awesome because i can see that there's a lot of salon professionals are willing to give opinion here.

Many thanks!!!