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Hi I've been doing Nails since 1972.I keep up with current trends techniques and I'm very familiar with most products .I love teaching attending trade shows in the U.S. doing lash extentions, Healing ,readings, and painting.I haven't been on here for over 10 years .[/color][/align][color=#0000CD
] I am in Richmond bc. Canada..
Hi Bobbi, it's been over 10 years since I've been back here too! What city/state are you in? I'm in San Leandro CA next door to Oakland CA.
How I wish.I was in California. I like that "nail blessings " Nails really have never changed all that much during the first 3 decades, And then bang ,all these new shapes ect. .Nail art has never been so big either, with so many new techniques.Bobbi