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Full Version: Kauai Nail Technicians
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Hi Fellow Nail Techs,

I think things have really changed in the nail industry, I have been in the industry since 2002 about 5-6 yrs experience in Hawaii and 10 in Oregon. I think things changed in good and exciting ways. HeartBlush
Anyhow, I am originally from Maui, Hawaii but I have been here in a very small town in Oregon for the last 10 years. I am planning on moving back, but to a different island to Kauai. Is there any tips or advice you can offer on such a big change! Has the industry changed there since the last 10 years? Do nail techs still go into salons to get a job, or do you look online but where? lm not very tech savvy I suppose. I want to make sure im in touch with what is going on around me lol.
Thanks for any advice.
Mostly jobs are found by just dropping by a salon or craigslist.