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Today I did a pedicure on a client and noticed a black spot that was very small, it looked like something in it but she said she couldn’t fill anything, so I soaked her feet for about 5 minutes and then took my nippers and scratched over the spot and look what I pulled out. It was a piece of wire that had grown in to her foot, it was about 1 inch when I checked it. The moral to this story is wear shoes, if you have no feeling in your feet, you won’t know if you have gotten anything in them and problems can occur.

[Image: wire.jpg]
I guess she has neuropathy? That is why it is so dangerous. Was she bleeding after you performed surgery? Does she see a podiatrist?
Quote:Was she bleeding after you performed surgery?

First of all there was no surgery! I just scraped over the spot and it pulled out! No more than buffing her foot would do. That's why it was a surprise.
She has a DR. and I told her she needed to see him and show him what came out and no there was not a drop of blood, None. I am not a dr. and don't claim to be.
Smile Good for you Pam... I bet she was surprised and very happy that you found it.
I absolutely did not mean to offend you, sorry if I did. I guess if the shoe were on the other foot I guess it may have sounded offensive. I was totally amazed at what you pulled out and I was just interested in the details.
Have a nice day.
Omg. Are u sure it was a wire? Have u ever heard of morgellons disease? Threads grow in the skin *shudder*. I was freaked out for a long time after learning about it, considering I work on the public.

Anyway, good for you, I am sure she appreciated it. I had a diabetic man come in for a massage and he was leaving a trail of blood behind him as he walked in. I got up to look and his whole sandal was filled with blood and it was sloshing out. Apparently, he cut himself and couldn't feel it either. needless to say, he did not get a massage that day.
Wow a wire?! I have actually done this for stylist friends of mine but they could feel it. A little snip snip with the nippers and I've pulled out hair as long as 3 inches from their heels and balls of the feet. Very painful until removed. That's why stylists shouldn't wear sandals!
Yes, it looked like a piece of steel wool, she is a country girl, so she goes without shoes. I am hoping it freaked her out enough that she won’t go without shoes outside for sure.

Wow! I had never heard of morgellons disease before, you made me curious so I went on line and looked it up. It has photo’s at the end of the page and it
does tell all about it, Thanks for the heads up on this disease. Is kind of gross but it’s good to know about.
Maybe one of the Nail magazine could do an article on it.

I know what you mean, I have never removed any hair but I have seen a lot of hair dressers get hair imbedded in there breast and with the weight on there feet, it would go deep and unlike there breast there feet is something most people don’t pay as much attention to until they have problems.
Someone I know, that works construction btw, started to have swelling in his finger around the nail on the side. He finally went to the doctor who had to remove the nail! He dug around in there and pulled out a piece of wood and some other debris. He never recalled getting a splinter or anything like that. It just seemed like out of the blue it gradually started to get swollen and did not hurt at all. Weird.
I think that we are always in such a hurry, that the only time we fill anything foreign in our body’s is if it hits a nerve.