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Full Version: Booth Rental Buggery NYS
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I am located in upstate NY and booth rent. Booth rent used to have guidelines. You pay rent, you are self employed. Responsible for your own product, clients, hours and payment. Now many spas in my area are making booth renters pay extra for product and forcing renters to use the spa's product. Also making them train so that services are done the way they want them. Some are making renters have certain hours, and pay and schedule clients at a reception desk.
I've called and emailed NYS DOS and the reply I had was that "The Department of State does not govern specifics of booth renting. The fees to booth rent can vary from salon to salon and it is between the owner of the salon and the booth renter to come to an agreement."
So basically Spa's can charge rent, and charge and force renters to pay for product, and pretty much anything else. I live in a small area with very few spas. I cannot believe there are not regulations that are the law to protect booth renters. If anyone has any information regarding this I would appreciate it. My email is [email protected]

thank you.
This is not a state board issue no matter what state you live in Smile This is a IRS issue.. there are very specific rules about employees and renters and a test you can take at the IRS site to determine your status. I'm going to poke an old friend who is very versed on this matter to come and explain and point you better Smile)
I have always expected to pay for everything .The space one rents in hair salons usually is a flat amount ,and then you buy everything else almost. If the price is reasonable ,no problem .If the rent is very high then perhaps not. Out here before all these Asian salons , there were very few of is quite common to buy all you're supplys. It's suppose to be you're busness not theirs .They make alot more in other services by us being there.That's why I myself have never paid all that much .Usually the shop owner hasn't even a clue how to do that.
Hi! This is most surely an IRS issue... Not City, or State, or County. I have done tons of research on this very thing and If you or the owner come face to face with an IRS Auditor, you will understand the importance of getting this thing correct. Yes you can come up to any agreement you want with the owner of the salon, but as far as the IRS is concerned there could be serious repercussions. Your relationship with the owner should be much like a land lord! You pay your rent and are given access and what ever other things you agree upon, i.e., towels, water, etc... HOWEVER... The owner is NOT able to require that you use any products, training, wear a uniform, dictate pricing, collect your money, use their desk, participate in specials, or anything else that forces you to adhere to THEIR BUSINESS OR BRANDING. They just offer you a space to operate your business. They can offer advice (but should be careful with that). They also can hope and suggest that a salon that is all booth rent still behave like a team. Clients fair well in a cohesive environment. Truth is that it is still in YOUR best interest to brand for yourself and completely seperate yourself from the desk, mainatain your own records. They cannot control the outcome of your style. You are to be given access outlined in contract, but they cannot make you work certain hours like a schedule. IF ANY OF THESE THINGS OCCUR, you can be considered an employee in which case they owner should be paying employer taxes for you, and carry workers comp and have you registered witht he local edd office... THIS CAN CAUSE A WHIRLWIND OF TROUBLE, for you both.