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Full Version: Sandy's Baroque (yellow nail) tutorial per G's request ;)
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This is my first tutorial so I hope you like it. It was inspired by an amazing artist from Russia. Anyhow here goes:
[Image: 024.jpg]
Here are the products I used
[Image: 027.jpg]
Use Citrine, Gold, and Candy Corn wet and place next to each other on the form. Drag the tip of your brush through the colors however you want and then press out your free edge. Don't try to make it blend perfect.
[Image: 028.jpg]
Use the light golden beige to create a reverse smile line and fade back up the nail bed.
[Image: 029.jpg]
[Image: 030-1.jpg]
place a bead of Cocktail Time at the cuticle and fade toward the smile line
[Image: 033.jpg]
Using gold pigment mix create diagonal lines across the free edge.

[Image: 034.jpg]

[Image: 035.jpg]
Connect the diagonal lines to create a random shape

[Image: 036.jpg]
Use a very small wet bead of Truly White and place in the upper corners of the shapes and fade down
[Image: 037.jpg]

[Image: 038.jpg]

[Image: 040.jpg]
Use a black stripe rite and accent the lower corners of the shapes
[Image: 041.jpg]

[Image: 042.jpg]

[Image: 043.jpg]
Cap in clear and finish file

[Image: 044.jpg]
Finish with 2 coats of UV 30 and viola! Enjoy
That is very pretty... =]
wooohoo girly thats looks fab!!
Thanks Angela, I look forward to seeing your posts all the time. Very inspirational.

Jess, thanks, you know you rock. What's up darlin?
That is gorgeous! My gosh you are one talented lady... and so willing to share too.


That is awesome. I really like it. I saw exactly what YN colors I am gonna use to do my version. Very nice.
Sandy Combs :

> Jess, thanks, you know you rock. What's up darlin?

oh not a whole lots. We have TONS of snow which never happens. Here is a princess shot for ya Wink Her first snow!

[Image: snowgirl.jpg]
Awwww Jess...she's so cute! You guys did get lots of snow! We are currently getting dumped on...supposed to happen for a while! Yuck!
Beautiful job. good first tut. thanks
Cindy :
Quote:I saw exactly what YN colors I am gonna use to do my version.
You'll have to post a pic of it when you are done!
I want to see your version too G Wink
Thanks Diane!

OMG Jess she is so stinkin cute!