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Full Version: wrong tips
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Ok so my coworker applied tips to our boss's daughter and then applied hard gel with gel polish. She came to me for a fill and I noticed this and she says that her natural nails ate growing out and hurting - it looks like they might be digging into her fingers - the natural nail as its growing out and wider then the enhancement. . .
How can this be corrected? I was thinking about putting a form on under her nail to correctly build put the side walls? ? ?
You could do that but personally I would remove the tips and start over (or remove them like doing a backfill and sculpt an extension). They are hurting her, they need to come off
I totally agree.. your co-worker might have used the wrong style of tips.. ones with a deep C curve when the bosses daughters nail beds are much flatter (or the other way around) and if the tips weren't properly sized, that could be a factor also. If you are proficient with an efile (I think you are..) then get the hard gell off, soak those tips off and start fresh
It's been 5 weeks since tips were applied. . . I am thinking that the plastic tip is almost gone .. but I don't know how short her nails were...and I don't want to cause trouble for my coworker as she usually does awesome work.