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Full Version: Free Edge curling
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Hi everyone, I am still fairly new to the nail industry (licensed in October), and I've begun to notice that as the nail grows out after using tips or free forms, and it becomes just a natural nail overlay, the natural nail begins to curl from the free edge, causing the overlay to start lifting and create air pockets in the middle.

I use hard gel, not acrylic.

Is there a way to prevent/treat this issue? I had read somewhere about capping the free edge with the hard gel, but I always finish file and doesn't this just break that cap?

Any advice is appreciated!

Beth Smile
1. oil oil oil oil.. make them use it.. sell it to them Smile a good quality one.. not mineral oil.. that should help..

2. cap the free edge with your gel and don't file the free edge when finishing.. "encasing" the free edge within the gel..

3. remind them not to file the free edge

4. you may have to clip back the curled nail but then I would put a dab of gel and cure it from underneath, essentially sealing the edge of the natural nail

hope that helps!