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Full Version: CND UV lamp recalled in Canada
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FYI for anyone in Canada who purchased this lamp.
That's rather vague on why it's being'll be interesting to hear what else they say.
Crap I had electrical problems with my and was having a hard time getting it replaced by cnd i wonder if this is why..
I have this exact lamp... keep us posted in case there is info we need to be aware of down here.
I have a call into them and waiting to hear back from someone. Tania you shouldn't have a problem returning it now as long as you bought it from one of the suppliers listed on the link.
Quote:That's rather vague on why it's being recalled

It's being recalled because it is not compliant with Canada's product safety standards.

The notice has been issued by the Electrical Safety Authority.

To be able to action a recall the following must happen:

Ontario Regulation 438/07, Product Safety specifies that manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, product distributors, retailers, certification bodies and field evaluation agencies must report when they become aware of a serious electrical incident or accident, or a defect in an electrical product that affects or is likely to affect the safety of any person or cause damage to property. On July 1, 2008 the sections of Ontario Regulation 438/07 that require organizations to report serious electrical incidents or defects came into effect.

So that means there must be a serious and life threatening defect in the appliance for the above to occur which pretty much says it all to me but if you want specifics you can always ring them.
I asked my supplier (Salon Centre) they had no idea about it. I am going to a master painter class this weekend and ask more questions.
I didn't get a call back from CND but they did respond to my Facebook comment:

Quote:Hi Laura, there was a small labeling issue. The lamp is completely safe and approved for use in the USA and EU. Canadian salons should return the recalled lamp by contacting Stericycle Inc. at 866-534-9986. They will be provided a pre-paid return kit with shipping information. Refund checks will be issued within 7-10 business days of returned lamp receipt.

So then I asked them when we'd be able to purchase the new, approved lamps in Canada, and we'll see what they say when they respond.
The wording of the recall means that it has not been evaluated for electrical safety by the proper governing body in Canada. It does not automatically mean that it is dangerous or that it wouldn't pass testing if in fact it was properly submitted for evaluation.

There have been no reports of any incidences. It is a voluntary recall.

So, if you live in Canada and you have one of these, swap it out and get a new one. CND has provided the mechanics to do this. But, in the mean time, don't sweat it Smile
It is strictly an international labeling issue:it has nothing to do with health safety or the efficacy of the lamp. It is approved and used in dozens of countries. CND is working closely with the Canadian regulatory agency to fix the labeling issue and will make sure all nail professionals are reimbursed, and ultimately will have their lamps replaced with new ones with the proper Canadian label