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Full Version: Nail Schools - Profitable?
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I've been licensed since 1999 in two states and spent several years as a nail educator in a cosmetology school. I have not worked in a salon in a few years as my shoulder and back do not like it and I finished college and moved onto a more profitable career. But, I love nails. I have been daydreaming about opening a nail school but there are so few of them that it makes me wonder if a nails only school is at all profitable. Are there any school owners out there that could give me some insight into owning a school?
One thing to consider is if the state you are in has "nail tech" licenses. The state I am in (GA) only has cosmetology licenses and nails falls underneath that. However, I would love to have a nail only school, because like I said, we only have cosmetology. The schools focus mostly on hair, because that is what the state board test concentrates on. In some state a nail school would be something a nail tech would take as a side course (if they can afford it). I apprenticed and used sites like this to make up for what I didn't learn in school.