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Full Version: Gel pedicures
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How does everyone do their gel pedicure set ups? I am having a hard time figuring out how to get the clients foot into the LED light. I can do it one foot at a time but I am trying to figure out how to keep their foot in the light without me holding it so I can work on one foot while the other is in the light. Any ideas would be helpful! Thank you!
I guess I should clarify a bit. I am trying to do this while they are in the pedicure chair prior to the soak.
I have a board I put across my pedicure chair . While one foot in the light I can work on the other . I do lay a large towel down on the tub before I put the board on
Thank you! I have a petite European touch portable tub so unfortunately I can't put a board over it. I might just have to build a seperate station to do the gel toe services. I just have very little space I'm working with so I was hoping to do it all at one station.
I put my gelish light right in the empty tub, the bottom of the light comes off for pedicures.