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Full Version: Student Question: Used Implements!!
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I am so frustrated and confused right now. I am a new nail student, just a few hours into my coursework for my license, and there's a giant contradiction between what my teacher is having us do, and what my book says to do!

Teacher wants: Beginning the service with all metal implements in a solution of disinfectant. As each tool is used, it is pulled, wet, from the jar, used, and put back in without washing with soap. Theoretically the next client would get those implements as well??

Book says: to always wash implements with soap and water before putting them in a disinfectant solution.

And everything I can find on boards paperwork I can find says to place used items in a container labeled used items and says nothing at all about a jar of disinfectant on my manicure table.

I am so frustrated, please help! I want to pass my boards, but also I just want to run a clean and safe business!!
you are correct. you must wash and dry implements before immersing in disinfectant. and using disinfectant on a client is a huge lawsuit waiting to happen. frankly I'd find a new school
yeah, I'm very frustrated with this! I can't really afford to go to a new school, but I don't know how to bring this up with my teacher. Thanks for the validation.
I say show her the book!