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Full Version: WooHoo Watch your email for...
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Ladies (and I am sure there are some gents hanging around BT also!), I wanted to give you a little advanced notice to watch your email on Wednesday afternoon for an extra special deal! I just got the approval for the special sale, set up the code and the email blast to go out!

If you are not getting our email blasts, you can sign up at:
That link should take you right to the place to sign up for our emails and the others that ProfessionalBeautyMails sends for other companies and BT as well!

Happy Gobble everyone!

Have you or anyone else gotten any feedback on Eco Universal SOG Topcoat? Just wondering if it works well with other brands like Shellac or Gelish. As always, the price is right.
I can give you more than feedback - personal experience! Yes the new Universal top coats (both the UV and Soak Off versions) have great shine and as the name says.. they are Universal!
Hi there Lorainne, just wanted you to know that the code will not work Sad
Kaiyla, I am NOT having a good technology day! I did it twice but it did apply now, but it is taking off $7.00 too much and I do not know why! If you log in now you will - or should - see the coupon applied. If not just make a note in the comments box and it will be manually applied in the office or by me on Monday.

Thanks for your order and letting me know of the problem. Part of the problem I think is when you went in to apply the coupon. It was set to start just an hour ago, and it looks like you tried early this (actually yesterday - the 23rd) afternoon. In any case you are good to go now!

Wait, I just doubled checked my math (not my strong point sometimes!) and the discount taken is correct.
Worked! Thanks! Probably over did myself- but such a great deal!
Yes I saw it! Tank you again for your order and patience!


Lorainne, I got my hibiscus replacement today. Thank you so much!
Great news, let me know if the problem continues, if it does we are going to have to play super detective with Elaine about it!