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Full Version: Erica's MT-20 e-file and vacuum
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Thinking of purchasing Erica's MT-20 e-file and vacuum system. Very interested in hearing pro's and con's from other users of it.
I have the vacuum and use the Kupa e-file. I honestly don't know what I did before the vacuum. It makes a HUGE difference. Best money ever spent in my opinion.

There is a little bit of a learning curve in how you hold the handpiece with the vacuum attached, but it doesn't take too long to get used to.
Thank you so much for the feedback. Do you get many complaints about the noise?
No. Everyone is so much happier not to be covered in gel dust than the noise. I had it covered at one point, but it would overheat and shut off.

Keep in mind that it ONLY works for gel. If you do acrylic, the acrylic dust is heavier than gel and it won't pick it up.
No, I'm total gel and natural. Smile Thank for you. You've been a big help