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Full Version: Hello from SOFL!
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Hi I'm Devon Nail tech From Stuart FL.

Became a tech in 1996,worked in CT for 3 or 4 years.I used LCN & ez flow acylic.I was a big nail art freak.I quit in 2000 to raise my family.
Fast forward now i am a divorced mom to 3 fantastic kids and started my own biz this year.I work in a cute little salon/boutique my GF owns and we are odor free.

I jumped in head first and went back to what i knew best LCN.I'm not that happy with them now,product seems far runnyer than i remember.I only sculpted back then and now i'm finding it impossible with this water like sculpture formiture.

Also in my old age i'm finding nail art tacky.But i do want to play with the airbrush i got a while back.
I have been stalking this site and my inner glitter freak has come to the surface,can't wait to try this glitter/gel fade stuff.Mylar looks fun as well.

I have a drill but don't care to use it,guess i'm a weirdo!
I also don't sanitize files i throw them away.

warning i hate typing and i am too impatient to spell check,run on sentences are my favs!
thanks for having me,Devon