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Hello To All,
My name is Timi Headley. My nickname is Kat. Online I usually go by KatS. Only Facebook forced me to mail them my drivers license and go buy my birth name LOL. Go figure. My aunt turned me on to the beauty industry. She was (she recently retired) a beautician in a small town in CO on the flat lands (not in the mountains). It was called Betty's Beauty Bar. She ran the beauty shop in her basement. When I was a child I'd spend hours in the basement watching her and I'd wash and disinfect the equipment and sweep the floor at the end of the day. I followed in her footsteps and went to Cosmetology School and also took a nail course and a few make-up courses for weddings etc. as extras after I received my Cosmetology license. My aunt didn't keep up with her continueing education. I did. I think she was getting burnt out since she was the only beautician in that town. It also took a lot of her time just keeping up with hair in town. I noticed she never left her home without make-up on. Now I don't leave my home without make-up on. LOL I love all things cosmetic! My aunt created a Beauty Monster! Any time I need a helping hand or any suggestions I still give HER a call. She's never failed to help me out if it's hair related. So that's my long short story. LOL Big Grin I wasn't sure if I should post this as a thread or a post. So I clicked 'thread'. If that was wrong please don't hesitate to let me know.
Hi All,

I'm from Debonair Nails and Spa.. We offer a wide range of beauty services - Pedicures, Nails, Facial and Waxing. I joined here to get some info and to share my thoughts.
Hello! I am a nail tech, my sister is a barber at Scoop's Hair Mechanics in Chicago. It is our family shop. I'm new in the industry, so I'm here to get new information, and hope to learn from what the more seasoned pros have to say. Thanks!