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Full Version: HELP! Ingrown fingernail...
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What is the best way to treat an ingrown fingernail? We have tried filing it straight across but that corner curls in so much. I've tried to get my client to let it grow out with cotton under the nail but she admits she will file on it which in turn irritates it even more. I don't know what else to do. She wants to wear acrylics but I am not sure if that is the best way to go. Right now we are just doing manicures. Any suggestion would be great. Thank you!
Those are actually pincher nails.. ingrowns grow flat and sometimes wide.. anyway I had a young girl like that too and we tried like crazy to get her grown out with acrylics.. even weekly appointments -- I discounted her price too so she could afford it, she was desperate for long er nails. No matter what I did the nail would curl away from the acrylic.. If I remember the last ditch effort was actually a little tiny extension allowing the acrylic to run UNDER the forms so as to encase the nail to force it to stay straight.. nothing helped.. maybe someone has another thought for you girl...
If you can get under the side and free edge, you could try taking a piece of a tip and glue it to the bottom of the natural nail. Then build an acrylic over the top encasing the entire thing. She'll have to leave it alone, for example no filing or picking on the underside of the enhancement until the side can fully grow out. During later fills as it grows you may need to put another tip piece under the side for support until it grows. Once the nail has grown out to where you or she can feel a lip or ridge from the tip, you could lightly file any lip or ridge to keep her from attacking it herself.

Of course, if the nail is curling too far back or near the cuticle, it is unlikely that this will help.