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Full Version: Gel 2 professional gel steamer
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has anyone used this product? What do you think? Is it worth the money?
I personally would not buy it...I find it really not necessary compared to other products that are necessary.... foil, cotton, acetone & a file - inexpensive, less but items, all you really need.
No way do I (or you!) need one of those! The only thing I would add is to apply heat. I have one of those mini microwaves in my shop. Before I start wrapping, I heat up a big rice bag wrap. I found some torso size, like for your back. Once I get the fingers wrapped, I lay the rice bag on top and cover with a towel. I set my timer for 10 minutes. Nine times out of ten, all I need to do is give the foil wrap a twist or two and every bit of polish comes off.

Be sure to shorten the nails and score the surface of the nail before wrapping. It will help to speed up the soak.

Great. Thank you!