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Full Version: glue disaster
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What do you all do when a client comes in for a GEL FILL and it's been 3-4 weeks and they said that some of the nails were lifting so they themselves glued the nails? And there's glue everywhere - under the nail, side walls, you can see dirt (or something discolored) within the glued up stuff...
It's a hard gel fill - do you soak off the glue?
File off the glue?
Help - thank you
Jeez... I flippin hate it when they do that! Since the glue is on the natural nail (and that acre or so of surrounding skin) you'll need to both file and soak. Cut off the free edge, file until almost all of the gel is gone, then soak. Then build a new nail and charge for it. Don't let her slide and do it for free!

I teach all my clients how to use glue properly if they have to do a quick fix. I still have to replace the nail when they come in again, though...
It makes me extremely nervous to deal with this.... first off - I possibly don't know they ate coming in with glued up nails, I do not want to hurt them filing...and since glue is all over I wasn't sure about the soaking in acetone part. . . But then time is my enemy. . .
What if it's a few fingers and your only aloud 1 hour 15 minutes (I take that long normally -sometimes longer ).... thanks
I would soak those nails off while I work on the other ones. Since the nail was lifting, even hard gel should release from the nail after exposure to product remover (acetone). You can tell when you're removing the top gel, the nail sounds hollow when you file on it.
Then you need to figure out what's going on with your application that they have to glue their nails down between visits. It could be the length is too much. Some do better with a less square shape. Sometimes you need to apply dehydrator and primer before every few nails because their ph goes back to quickly. Some are better suited to liquid and powder.
I hope this helps you!
Thank you!!