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Full Version: what services do you do
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I wanted to find out what services you personally perform?
I have a friend in a high end shop and they only offer mani, pedi, and gel manicures (shellac) - no enhancements. She's full time, averages between $350-$450 paycheck pay week plus tips usually anywhere from $160-$200+

I love doing gel fills and even acrylic is ok - but I struggle with timing. And loose money -
Where I am at a Shellac mani is $25- takes about 50 minutes with removal and new shellac.
A fill with Shellac on top is $30 (new clients I'm upon to $35) and struggle to finish in 90 minutes.

Been doing nails 3 years, finally in a job that is more steady with clients but can't seem to get faster.

We use Light Elegance products and we ate finally taking a class with Pina Moore in November - and hope this helps.
My boss is annoyed I (we all) take so long and doesn't understand why. She's a hairdresser.

Anyone successfully just doing mani, pedi and gel mani?
Yes,I use OPI I can do the service in 30 minutes if I dont have to remove . 45 minutes to 60 if I remove . 30.00 for gel polish 35.00 if I remove . It take time to speed up . But you can get there . Go over your steps and see what may be taking you long. But you can make good money doing nails . I live in Mississippi in a small town I average 900.00 to 1200.00 each week .