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Full Version: Anybody tried Nailite Gentle Polish?
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Has anyone used the Nailite Gentle Polish? I ordered a bunch of their Gia gel polish when it was on clearance right before they discontinued it and some of it is great -- thin, goes on perfect and highly pigmented. And some of it is really thick and goopy and just hard to use. I'd love to order some of the Gentle Polish because I like the price and the colors, but even at a great price point its not worth it if half of the bottles end up in the trashUndecided I'm hoping this new formula has all the kinks worked out, any feedback is much appreciated!!
I use the gentle gel and i am very please with it, especially the price
Anybody else? I'm wondering about the viscosity and color coverage, how it applies and wears? I know somebody has had to try it Wink
It's wonderful!!!