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Full Version: Hair Stylist
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I worked at a salon for about 5 months after finishing school.
We did mostly mens hair which I didn't care for. I enjoy doing womens hair. I've been going to acquaintances homes to just cut hair and I enjoy being freelance. Is some type of insurance required? Will tax time be a nightmare? Should I put a chair in my kitchen instead?
Thanks for any advice.
First thing you need to do is make sure your state cosmo laws/rules allow you to be mobile like that.. some states say you can but only for home-bounds - not your girlfriends or someone you met in the food store Smile Then you should really check with a local tax person and also you county and city for tax rules and if THEY allow you to do mobile services like that too.. I tried doing mobile nails like that a long time ago but it was a horror lugging all that stuff around..


Can anyone recommend a decent hair stylist in West Kelowna? Particularly one that can do a decent cut on short, wavy hair .
So far I have had no luck , but have only tried a couple . Thanks