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Full Version: looking for reviews for the Valentino Flush Mount
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I am looking to buying 2 table vents for a salon i am opening. Are the Valentino flush mounts worth the $? if not, where can i buy other table mounted fans.
Go watch some of the videos @ and see for yourself.. The spec sheet is linked at the site so you can see how powerful it is.. I'm not sure there are any other flush mount systems out there anymore..
Bump. I would like to hear some personal reviews as well. I'm considering buying one too. I'm sick of dust, concerned for my lungs after 13 years and my new salon wants us to wear all black! Argh!
I love black but ugh it's terrible.
I have table top- it really does cut the dust down a lot! !!
I really like mine. I had the tabletop model at first and hated it, but this works much better. It was hard to get to used to at first because i always had a towel under my clients hands, so that part is awkward at first.I will say it still doesnt suck up the dust from coarse carbide bits, that still kicks up all over me.