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Full Version: Favorite Gel polish brands
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I am looking to expand my gel polish selection. I own the original OPI colors and original Shellac colors from when they first came out. OPI shrinks away from the free edge and Shellac is expensive but I like the thinness and flexibility. I was looking at Kiara Sky, I like the matching polish and the price. I like Gelish color selection. Any suggestions on any and all brands?

Also, what's your favorite top and base?
I like Gelish, IBD Just Gel and Supernail ProGel. Gelish Top it Off probably stays the shiniest and wears better than most. Star Nail makes a universal top coat that's pretty great. It's what I use to make a custom color by adding pigments. I buy it in a big bubble bottle. I also keep a bottle of topcoat only for using over glitter.