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Full Version: Fellow nail tech salon completely burned down she's lost everything please help
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My name is Polish girl I have not been on this board is much the past few years due to health issues. I have always drawn such strength and this was the life-saving force of my business when I worked. My friend Jackie Eades from Fayetteville West Virginia, Her shop burnt to the ground she has lost everything. My heart is so heavy for her we are close I trained her in nails. She has a very successful high end clientele. Please Debbie wicked witch is there any available help for my friend in the networking all of us professionals. She does not know I am posting this. This is only the day after her tragedy struck. Please advise me of company's that may donate. I'm telling you the girl does not have an acrylic brush or one file. Please if you can help in anyway email me at [email protected] Com my phone is 304-673-2817. Thank you and may God bless you all. Vickie Priddy please forgive me if I have not contacted the appropriate Avenue but I'm doing the best I can thank you again
I'm not sure what I can do.. I'm going to pass this along to the 2 magazines and the new nail association.. I know Jackie has been hanging around here on the forums for years and been to Orlando a few times in the past.. I'll see what I can do.... can you have her contact me email or phone please? [email protected] or 631-220-5320

OK email sent, those nasty photos of a burnt shell of a salon "The Fufu Shoppe" (omg love that name!) has been shared with both mags and associations.. also shared on my FB page..
Yes she will contact you !!! Thank you a million Debbie , you are a rare loyal person!! ❤️