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Full Version: gel polish top coat
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what is your favourite gel polish top coat that last its shine ?i have tried acg,shellac,jessica up to now but iam not really satisfied.i use a led lamp and i want one to go with it.please share your experience!
no favourites?please give me a hint of your top preferences!
Tommy super Magic no tacky residue super shinny. and strong works with any gel polish line. The also have a primer/basecoat it has no harsh chemicals and if used before any base gel coat nail is healthier and no lifting its awesome. One downside u have to be meticulous at cleaning the bottle neck and never let the brush touch another product or it will be thick and clumpy and ruined.
i have never heard of this type of line..any other suggestions??
Akzentz shine on
Gelish Top It Off
Gelish Top It Off
Mani Q top or Cuccio Color Veneer Top
has any of you used opi top coat?i heard its shine stays a long time