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Full Version: Hard Gel Lines: What Do You Like?
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I'm looking into trying some hard gel and I prefer to sculpt over tips.
I've been dabbling with the Brisa Lite and I like the ease of the finish filing. However, it is not durable enough for me. And I'm not necessarily sure I want to go with the Brisa hard gel.
What are some brands that are durable, minimal heat spike and give you some control?

Light Elegance is good-,they now have a cool gel.
LCN good but expensive and a bit of a heat spike.
Thank you for answering! I was looking at the Lexy line Extreme by LE as a matter of fact. Is that what you use? I haven't been able to find any reviews.
Masterworks by Amy Becker is a cool, stable gel that doesn't lift or peel off. It's very reliable. She has a lot of tutorials on YouTube, so you can see exactly how to use it. Hope this helps.
Thank you! I will look her up. It is always easier to make decisions when you can see or read some info. Products are not cheap these days so it's hard to purchase on blind faith alone!
Masterworks is a great line - Amy is,amazing.
We aren't out of the old line just yet - LE says Lexy line will be the same - the only difference is you can cure in LED or UV -