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Full Version: Opi gelcolour basecoat getting thick after few uses
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Can anyone help me i have bought 4 bottles of opi grl basecoat since feb and everytime after a few weeks it get thicker and wont apply thin and then it krinkles in spots wont cured properly. I am not using when opi led light is on i actually started turning off my overhead light as well to make sure no light was getting in bottle i wipe the neck after each use and store in a dark drawer. I have called the help line and they said they have not heard of this, yes it will thicken a bit from opening and closing bottle and make sure the led light does not get near open bottle. I shake really well before use. I have bought from 2 different suppliers so it's not a bad batch. When i first get it its super thin and goes on great then before its half full its thick and becomes thicker and thicker then a bit stringy. Help me if u know anything. This grl base works great on my clients no lifting but when its thick and does cure it peels off in days.