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Full Version: Gel Polish Shrinking
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I've used the same GELAZE polish a few times now. I've not had any problems. I just used it on a friends' nails, and when applying it, the polish was SHRINKING from the tips to the middle of the nail. Then, within a day, the polish started coming off. WHAT HAPPENED and WHY? Please advise.

My experience with the Gelaze and this is just deductive reasoning on my part. I used the same color on 3 different clients in the same day. One client had strong nails and she had no problem with the polish. The other 2 had softer nails and their polish didn't last hardly a week. So my theory is it doesn't do well on thinner, softer type nails, if that makes sense. I did find it to shrink more than CND or OPI shrink when applying. With the shrinking I usually do 3 coats of color and that helps with full coverage. Hope that helps.