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Full Version: Fimo Cane Artist, Charlene ("Cat") Therien
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Hi everyone,

I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Charlene ( or Cat, if you're a knickname person). I'm a polymer clay designer, specializing in millefiore. That's the technical term for the polymer clay nail art that's driving all the techs crazy with desire for our beautiful little designs.

Debbie has just added one of my designs to her fimo nail art selections:

I've been working with polymer clay for 7 years, and create a wide variety of canes. You can see many of them in my gallery:

Here are a couple of my favorite designs:

[Image: cane390.jpg]

[Image: cane475.jpg]

I teach, write articles for magazines, and publish my own tutorials. You can learn more about polymer clay and the fimo canes by visiting my website (see the link in my sig).