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Full Version: Nail Art Prices
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I do a lot of nail art. I've been charging fees to compensate for nail product while I was in school but I need to set my prices now that I'm fully licensed.

In my area, full sets at a reputable salon start at around $35-$40 and fills are $20 and up. I have asked about nail art but not many do it in my area, which puts me at an advantage. Having said that, here is an example of something I've done recently.

My question is, what would I charge for something like this on top of a full set or fill fee? Do I charge per nail, or do a flat nail art fee? Some of the nail art on other things I've done take me longer (I did a Superman logo that was really detailed).

I'm so confused and don't want to be too pricey, but also want to charge what I'm worth.

Thank you for your input!

Beth Smile

Nail Art Example
Obviously it depends upon how intricate and time consuming the art is. I charge $1-$2 per nail. Unless they do full glitter nails then it's just extra $5 for all ten nails. But again if you are doing some kind of intricate hand painting it might be $5 per nail. If you are doing 3D acrylic art on stiletto nails it would be even more. The crystal art is pretty pricey too.
Hi Beth.. as you start you can offer one nail as an incentive to more while you work explain your "regular" nail art pricing.. Anna gave you great advice on pricing.. it's pretty subjective and will also range "as the market will bear" meaning in a wealthier area you can charge more, but ladies in those areas dont usually wear art - tho I'm hearing LOTS of upper class are loving their blinged out french's!

To get you started on your nail art supplies I would jump on over to the Nailtech Shoppe where the prices are "Almost FREE" right now!

For a really quick and easy bling.. try some foil leafing nuggets.. use your orangewood stick to rip off a bunch of itty pieces and press into the uncured gel or acrylic then cap with clear..

[Image: slide_halloween2.jpg]