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Full Version: Best online resource for finding nail technician job openings
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Our salon is looking for an experienced nail technician who is interested in renting a booth. We're having a difficult time finding anyone. We've relied heavily on the Craigslist job boards.

I'm hoping you all might have ideas on how to reach job searchers in our industry.

How did you found your current/past job? What online resources did/do you use when searching for a new position? Are there any quality nail technician job boards that we should be aware of?

Thanks for your help!
I also love Craigslist but they have started to charge for job postings. Facebook is another great resource and word of mouth. You can also try going to your local beauty school and leave a job listing there.

Now, I don't really recommend this but you could try to persuade a tech away from another salon. You'd have to find a way to talk to the tech directly, like by booking an appointment with them.
Thanks Anna! We did put a listing with the local beauty school. We haven't found much interest on social media and have had no luck with word of mouth.

I've been considering looking at finding an unhappy tech who'd want a new opportunity.

Appreciate the advice!