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Full Version: Nail polish smudge
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Hello - thus is such an elementary question - how do you all fix a smudge on someone's freshly painted nail?
Its most frustrating - and sometimes I feel like trying to fix it, makes it worse - but if you don't have time to wipe it all off and redo entire nail what's the best method - because even doing that - it gets hairy because it is to quick to do base, color, color, top coat Undecided
I've tried to put a,little acetone on my finger and smooth out but if the top coat is already drying that becomes a mess......
Try a drop of cuticle oil on both the smudge and your finger. Use a very light touch to smooth it out. Weirdly, smoothing with your ring finger seems to work best. If you need to add top coat, spray the nail with alcohol until it drips off.
Thank you
I always would use my brush I wipe my smile lines with. I would get a little acetone on it.... Tap the excess on the back on my hand, and very lightly stroke out the smudge. Repeating the steps if necessary. Then if u need to put a tad more polish or top coat on, u cld at this point. This is why I always always use my shellac lamp to dry between coats. I know it takes longer to preform a mani, but the polish is mostly dry when they leave and you can even given them the option of sealing it with Shellac Top coat at that point... And make an extra cpl bucks.... Just a suggestion.
Thank you
I put a drop of thinner on my finger then smooth out the messed up spot. Then you can polish over it without seeing the dent.
Shhhhh good idea
Ahhhhh good idea