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Full Version: Gel bubbling
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I have a client for 15 yrs, gets a gel overlay, all of a sudden the gel is bubbling within hours/days underneath the product. Tried a different gel and it still happens. I am not doing anything/using different. Very confusing?? Any suggestions. She is not taking any new medications. Thanks
Did she get a new job ,or start a new hobby ,etc ,which requires a lot of heavy lifting ? Is she wearing them a lot longer than usual ? I think some sort of pressure on the enhancement is causing them to flex ,which will cause it to release anywhere there are hollow dips in the natural nail surface ,aka bubble ,such as what might be caused by lifting heavy things like when gardening or something...just a thought ,hope it helps solve or figure out the issue ! Smile
Thanks Lexi, nothing new except starteda new vitamin? Maybe that could be it?