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Full Version: BATH BOMB (Fizzies) posted by Nikki
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BATH BOMB (Fizzies) - I learned this recipe in school. Very simple & effective! Can be adjusted to any size, just remember one part Citric Acid to 3 parts Baking Soda.

* 1 lb. Citric Acid
* 3 lbs. Baking Soda
* Essential or Fragrance oils
* Dried flowers (optional). These looks beautiful in the
finished product, but I don't use them anymore because
they leave "floaties" in the tub!
* Food colouring
* Water spray bottle

Equipment you will need:
* Big mixing bowl
* A few smaller bowls if you want to do different scents
* Molds - these can be purchased at craft and craft
stores, or look around your house for interesting molds!
I started out with candy forms, Rubbermaid containers &
lids, etc.

To make:
* Mix the citric acid & baking soda together. MIX VERY
WELL. You cannot overmix this stuff!
* Add your fragrance, then your colouring, a few drops is
enough. Again, mix very well. You want it to be very
well distributed.
* Add dried flowers at this point if you are using them.
* Spritz mixture 4-5 times with water. DO NOT OVERSPRAY or
you will activate your bath bombs.
* MIX mix mix!!! Spritz 4-5 times again and mix. Repeat
this until the mixture starts to stick together slightly
when you squeeze it.
* Press firmly into molds and let sit. Depending on the
moisture in your mix, you will need to let them sit
anywhere from one hour to overnight.
* Remove from molds, wrap, and enjoy! If they are sticking
to your molds, use a VERY light coating of nonstick
cooking spray next time.

I have seen many versions of this recipe that includes everything from epsom salts to oils. I have tried some but this recipe is the most basic, easy, and fizziest!!!
I also use it in pedicure baths (Eucalyptus, Peppermint) and manicure baths (usually citrus blend or fruity fragrance oils).

Hope you enjoy!!!

Nikki :>

Nikki in Canada <proattitude AT>
Vancouver, BC Canada
Does anyone know where i can get citric acid? I have looked everywhere in town and everyone is clueless!!! Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!! evil Anyhow, any help would be great! Thanks
I think you can find a way to order it off of Give that a try. :lol:
Hi. I really hate to chime in on the negative, but I have to make my suggestion on Bath Bomb Fizzies...

Please, Don't use Food Coloring. You will stain your skin, stain your bath tubs, and it won't be pretty in the end. Smile Never mind if you did this to a customer... Confusedhock:

You really should use Natural Colorants from Herbs and Spices. The next option is to purchase Oil Based Cosmetic Colorantes, Mica Powders or something else approved for Skin Care.

Bath Bombs are what we call MY LIFE! I make hundreds of them each week for retailers, spas and salons across the US and Canada. Many of the recipes you find online need HELP! Either the recipe doesn't specify the liquid amounts and the newbie can really screw this part up, or they don't teach you techniques that really produce a beautiful product.

Just remember, try to stay as Natural as you can, be patient and if it doesn't come out looking like you want it to, you can still use it!

Key... Liquid in your recipe is crutial!!! Too much and you fizz away everything before you even get the bomb in the mold.

I hope this helps!

[Image: LgRoundFizz1.jpg]

Joanne Gruber
Shebas Secrets
look on the web for crannyberry lane In BC Canada that is where i by my citric acid
emseaman :
> Does anyone know where i can get citric acid? I have looked everywhere in town
> and everyone is clueless!!! Frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!! :evil: Anyhow, any help
> would be great! Thanks
> Elizabeth

i purchase many items from and i try to make a lot of my own recipes just to play around and to be original in the salon.
you can go look at and she is running a special on her ebook which is great, for 17.00 and you can just turn those into fizzies if you want