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Full Version: MMA Please Help!
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I have had two clients in the last two days who had a set of nails on from two DIFFERENT local Asian shops and It took longer than 3 hours to soak off their acrylics. My first client just went for an overlay, so we soaked her hands from 9:30pm to just about 1am. During her soaking process we repeatedly removed her hands from the bowl to attempt to slide off the acrylic and it would not budge. It slowly started to melt off but when we peeled it back it had a fishy odor and we were slightly confused. I've never dealt with anything like this before. Ultimately after all the acrylic was removed her nails were damaged badly, extremely thin, brittle and suffering from many drill rings. I almost wanted to cry for her but treated her nails the best way I could.

The next day I had another client experience the same exact thing we started to soak around 2:45pm and did not finish until 7pm due to her acrylics not wanting to budge. I had to remove her hands from the bowl and start drilling the product away as thinly as I could in hopes that would help it soak off quicker but that only helped a little.

When you get a client with MMA on their nails what is the best way to properly handle the situation and treat their nails ? This experience alone was very time consuming and draining overall!!!!!!!!! ALL INPUT IS NEEDED

Thank You!
I just posted about this in a Facebook group. If I suspect it is MMA, I dont soak off at all. I know it's tough because most of the time, clients dont even know whats on their nails. Chances are their nails are wrecked underneath. I just file it relatively thin and do a fill over.
Like Shirley said, plan on filing it off, and make sure to charge accordingly.
Yup thats what I came here to say also.. as you saw, the natural nails underneath were badly damaged.. best not to traumatize them any further with all that drilling and or soaking.. thin them out as far as you feel you can safely go and fill with your acrylic or gel.. It's going to take several months for the damage to grow out.. she needs to come in maybe every 10 days for a while to keep an eye.. even if she just stops in to wave her hands in front of your face so you can see if she can go an extra 2-4 days or whatever..